Saturday, March 31, 2007

La Gripe

Something is definitely wrong. I just watched The Kid. Twice. In a row. Hallmark channel is going to be the death of me (also Latin Wheel of Furtune). Also, I took a four hour nap today. I think I am getting sick again. In my defense, Bruce Willis is sexy.

Also, GC has not called, texted or emailed. Should we count him out? Yes, I know end of the month is hectic for him, but I am not going to make excuses for anyone anymore. I am turning over a new Betty Leaf and I will be different. They will be different.

Fuck a duck, the whole situation confuses me.

So I went downtown today. I used the parking pass I bought last night and went to the book store. My favorite store, Tattered Cover. I read, I browsed, I did not buy. I did however write down many books I hope to read and will most likely get at the library. But I am saving money so I enjoyed my free browse.

I had invited my future roommates to come with me, but they were skiing and BBQing so I went alone.

Then I napped.


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