Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I received a note on my door yesterday. Specifically addressed to me saying that I contributed to a trash build up issue this weekend.

For one thing, bite me. I pay a whole heap of money to live in that apartment and I should be able to do as I like. That includes throwing away my trash the only way I could. Which was putting the bags just inside the compactor area.

It was blocked by the trash of others. Therefore I could not properly depose of my trash.

I can't reach the compactor door anyway. It is high, I am short and the bag is heavy.


And how did they know it was my trash? did they go though it? The response email I got today says the raccoons didn't get into it.

PS - I have so seen it look worse. After Superbowl Sunday last year, there were hot wing bones everywhere for about 3 days.


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