Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Le trou d'arrosement (The Watering Hole)

I am going to see local band The Stinos with Vieve tonight. I wanted GC to come (I had suggested it for or next date), but he's busy. So...GIRL'S NIGHT!

And with that here are Betty's Bar Rules:

Never wear open-toed shoes to the bar. This will invariably lead to some sort of unfortunate bathroom occurrence (i.e. clogged, overrun toilet, sink, other fissure). No body cleans that shit on busy nights.

Bring a buddy, It's just sad to drink alone.

Bring your drink wherever you go. If this is not possible, cover it with a napkin/coaster and and ask a friend to watch it.

Be nice to the bartender. Make nice, learn their name. You might enjoy some perks.

Don't open a tab. You can lose track of how many drinks you've had (or how many you've bought for that cutie at the end of the bar) and that could be bad for some of you. You know who you are, you lushes (puking your guts out in font of the cutie or the bar and never getting another date again).

If with a group (5 or more), don't all go to the bar at the same time, space yourselves out. No one needs a drink that badly.

If you are ordering at the bar, have your money in hand, bartenders love that and will usually hone in on you. Also, tip well.

If you aren't with the band, don't sing along audibly. It ruins it for the rest of us, cuz you can't sing. That's why you're not with the band.

And don't hit on the band.


At 5:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I taught you well grasshopper. Love MOM


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