Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snowy Songs IV

Probably Lyrics
ยป Lisa Loeb

I probably want to hold your hand
I probably want to kiss you
You'll probably misunderstand
I'll probably miss you
Lately it seem nothing's clear
I probably need my glasses
You come in and out of focus
I wonder if you notice

I probably love you
I probably love you
The grass is probably green
The sky is probably blue
I'd probably do anything for you
I probably love you

You probably know just what I'm thinking
You probably don't feel like I do
You probably think I'm crazy
It's probably true
Lately everything's changed
I hardly know who I am
My heart pounds
I can't sleep
I've come to this conclusion

What is it about you
That makes you different from the rest
You touch a part of me
I didn't know exsists

I probably love you
Probably do
I probably love you
I probably love you


At 2:09 PM , Blogger Merlicious said...

For the love of God, stop posting song lyrics to your blog. It serves no purpose and is very annoying. Actually write things. Try to stay positive. Perk the hell up!

At 4:38 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Bite me! (that was done singsongy)


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