Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Sister, The Enabler

I am extremely passive aggressive. It is quite sad, really.

Example, the first (possibly only):

I am such a passive aggressive chickenshit that, even at 27, I cannot tell someone how I feel about an adult, which, technically, I am. I even have a whole speech in my head of what I should be saying to this person. But, being the chickenshit that I am, I almost had a friend do it. Thankfully, I called it off before it could happen. But, as "luck" would have it, I have a sister who is not a chickenshit (and therefore, enables my passive aggressiveness). And takes many things upon herself, including, my life. So, she asked him if he liked me, you know, "that way."

He doesn't know...which in man-speak is no.

So, now I move on. I very much value our friendship so I have that. And a re-organized bedroom.


At 1:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He could be too shy to tell your sister. That happens sometimes. But, if he's that shy, forget about him!


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