Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November News

Hello Happy Readers. If you are not happy, bite that bullet, put on a fake grin and just try it out out for a while.

Several things:

1) I got laid off, which is kind of a blessing. I was getting to that point in the job where everyone starts to rely on you and expects things from you. You know, like hard work and dedication. Just kidding, we were at that"you can't do anything for yourself anymore" stage and it was pissing me off. But I kept that to myself. It was a budget thing. This economy is really starting to piss me off. Vesp got laid off too.

1a) I have an interview tomorrow. Same company, different location.

1b) House buying plans are now pushed off another year.

1c) I got "break up gifts" from 2 of my bosses. Gift cards. Isn't that nice.

2) I voted. I am a good citizen who does her duty and takes an active role in the political process. I thought I wouldn't be able to because I hadn't sent in my ballot yet (I stupidly checked the "mail in" ballot option on my registration form. But I really like pushing those buttons at the voting booth). Thankfully, I live near a courthouse and they had a ballot drop off station.

2a) No more political ads!

2b) Yea!!

3) I have become the crazy cat lady. We now have 5. Sharpie (she is all black) has been added to the family Bible. Damn lesbians and their cat obsession. My allergies have been going haywire. I can't taste anything (this is a symptom of losing my sense of smell because of 5-cat-congestion. She is cute and all but super annoying. She likes to walk on your plate when you are eating. But Bennie has taken a real shine to her.

3a) Thank god I can say that only 1 of the cats is mine.

3b) I want a dog to balance out all the felinity. But I need a back yard first.

4) Just got back from house sitting for JoAnna. It has become a weekly occurrence, poor girl. I enjoy it though. It gives me a chance to be in the city, I get all the good movie channels, I get to hang out with her puppy, and I get to exercise without having to go to the gym. I tend to take the dog on long walks. Mostly so I can explore the neighborhood. It's where I want to buy a house.

5) Roomie (well, Former Roomie) and I went wedding dress shopping on Sunday. That girl has a knack for finding exactly what she is looking for in a short amount of time. The dress was the second one she tried on. In total she gave about 6 dresses a try, bu none looked as good as this one. I almost cried when she had it on. It is lovely.

That is all.


At 5:49 PM , Blogger Vesp said...

Yes, I am sans employment... It sucks!

Yes, Sharpie is super cute.

And, yes, the dress looks good. I've seen pictures.


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