Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Baby Bonis #2 (he has yet to be nicknamed) is itching to be born. He tried and he tried, but modern medical science (god bless it) won't let him. Youngest is now on bed rest until he can be born safely in 2 months. Poor thing.

LLS and LLSP are in San Francisco not getting married. One of them isn't ready. It's a whole heap of a mess. I will not get into it, it's too convoluted.

Mom is having a tummy tuck next week. She is going to be a "sexy grandma."

I have no idea what my Dad is up to, I would assume worrying about Youngest and preparing to take care of Mom during her convalescence.

Me - I work, I go to the gym, I see Mike. I see my friends and take care of my kitty (she's pretty independent, so she really only needs a snorgle every now and again. I am happy to oblige).

That's it, I am boring these days.


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