Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oh, the Weirdness

So, I just got back from Luz's birthday party. It was fun, for once I wasn't the only white person, there were 3 others this time. One of which was really cute and we talked for a few hours. Anyway, I get home and this is in my inbox:

Dear Elizabeth,

I got some bad news girl, I was just kicked out of my house this week so I don't think I will be making it to Boulder for this weekend. I am really sorry for your inconvenience or your trouble, or your eventual heart ache.

P.S. I really enjoyed reading your emails everyday and to be honest they always cheered me up. So thanks again girl for your companionship in this Internet world, so long and farewell and I wish you good luck on your future Match, I know you will find him.


What the hell?

You got kicked out this week and you decide to impart this knowledge on me less than 24 hours before our date?

And he wrote me every day, not the other way around, he was insistent on hearing about my day.

So I am free tomorrow, all day.

What a douche.

Also, I hate being called "girl."

And who does he think he is with all this "eventual heartache" blather?

Anyway, I wished him good luck, godspeed and whatnot.


At 1:54 PM , Blogger Juana Beso said...

I especially love the eventual heartache part. Because yes, one date with someone who gets kicked out of their house is enough to make a smart woman such as yourself fall head over feet. Where do these guys come from??? SERIOUSLY!


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