Friday, June 08, 2007

Job Security

I do not believe in job security. Because it's just when you get cocky enough to believe they can't live without you or replace you, the realize they can and do.

This came to mind yesterday when a woman came in to interview with the company. Since I hadn't been told about this (my supervisor always forgets to tell me these things), my imagination went wild thinking she was here to interview for my job. You see, I love my job but I have low job self-esteem. I always think I will be fired.

Turns out the woman was being interviewed because our Lead Accountant has decided to move on. Not replacing me. But that does not mean I will become complacent. I will strive to improve myself and my position within this company.

That is part of the healthy living goal. Improvements must be made in not just one, but in all aspects of my life, career included.


At 12:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you love what you're doing which is great.

Same here with regard to growing either by asking for different responsibilities, updating skill sets or taking courses. It seems like a must these days.



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