Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tall, Blonde and Insanely Tall

I have a date on Thursday with a friend of Daria's ex Jamie, who is sweet and great so I trust his taste in friends and dates for me.

I found Jamie on Match and being the friendly gal that I am, I sent him a "hey, how are you" email. He writes back saying he has a friend who saw my profile and wants to take me out. Super!

I do not consider this a Match date because it was friend facilitated. Match was just there to provide pertinent details and preemptive photographs (which is so convenient when setting people up, he's insanely taller than I am, well over a foot), nothing more.

So we are having drinks on Thurs at my favorite bar since they closed my favorite bar to turn it into a loft for Real World Denver.


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