Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Year in Review 2010 and some of 2011

I have been working at Xcel for 2.5 years - Usually good, sometimes dull. A job, basically. I have plans for bigger and better thing.

My grandma died - the first of the core 4. I am down to three and Mom is half and orphan. I miss her terribly. She was my prayer warrior - everything she prayed for came true for me. Her powers were awesome and terrifying.

I have been dating a wonderful man for 15 months. He, unfortunately, has moved to Edwards (3 hours away). But we talk every day, email and I plan to invest in a webcam for Skyping.

The rentals will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary this month. Yeah!

I got a snazzy new computer.

I moved to a new, better apartment - more character, less rent, walkable bars.

I travelled to Minnesota for the BF's brother's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and everyone was great (I met the whole family).

My beautiful and clever nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday.

Youngest got engaged! I'm in the wedding!

There are probably some more things to mention, but this is good for now.