Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend of Shirtless Glory - Not Mine

Happy Monday fellow blogophials. How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful. Let me just break it down for you:

Friday: LIVE concert (that's the band's name, there was some confusion for some co-workers)was fantastic. Ed Kowalczyk is a god. Talented, truly grateful for what he does, sexy as all hell. He spent half the show shirtless (he was wearing a tank at the start). 3 encores people, 3. Wonderful. The energy was electric. No annoying talkers, no excessive drunks, no smoke (the theater is smoke-free), NO INJURIES. Yup, first concert ever where I wasn't stomped, trampled, hit in the head, heat affected or anything else. It was a glorious night. And I found the theater without incident, which, since I have no sense of direction was truly an accomplishment.

The opening act featured scary possessive girlfriend. I could see her in the wings, not smiling and staring down her goofy looking bassist boyfriend making sure he didn't make eye contact with anyone while acting like a fool onstage. The lead singer of said opening act was very full of himself but mildly talented. Name of Michael Shapiro. He wore a jacket with the sleeves rolled up...think about it.

I think I saw Francis Ford Coppola ushering. I swear it was him in all his Oscar Winning glory.

Saturday: Laundry, lots of TV and sleep. I went to see my sister. We went shopping, out to dinner and we rented a movie. Her creep ex-boyfriend/roommate kept texting her and coming to her door. It was incredibly annoying. I am so glad she is moving out soon. I don't want her near that ass.

Sunday: Some errands, mostly TV. Nothing on most of the day, picked up the house a little and had a one person BBQ. 1 burger (on the George Foreman grills), some fries and an iced tea. I bought brats too, those are for tonight after my first ever massage. I am very excited about it.


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