Monday, February 26, 2007

Big, Gold and Naked

Let’s all give a big round of applause to a true lover of the movies, Martin Scorsese. He finally won an Oscar last night (Yes, I got sucked into watching the last half of the most boring televised event in the world).

I thought Peter O’Toole would win for best supporting actor, since he is ancient and only makes a movie every 3-5 years. But no, he will probably only get an honorary Oscar when he is on his deathbed. So sad. But I am glad Alan Arkin won the award. He did some excellent work in “Little Miss Sunshine” so I will not disparage him for winning over O’Toole. Even though he's (O'Toole) been dissed by the Oscar committee his entire life and career.

Also, much love to Jennifer Hudson. She is immensely talented, but her rise to fame has just been too fast and successful (from Idol to Oscar), I fear a fast downturn and a life in obscurity. And Beyonce, gorgeous, talented...needs a hair deely. While she was performing one of 3 Oscar nominated songs (from 1 movie, which I think is a record), she kept having to flip her hair when it got in her face. Quite distracting. Can no one get this girl a clip?

I haven’t seen “Dreamgirls,” “An Inconvenient Truth,” Pan’s Labyrinth,” “The Departed” or “Babel” yet, so I can’t comment on the other big winners/nominees.

The whole affair lasts roughly four hours, four hours! The acceptance speeches were incredibly rehearsed and not spontaneous and no one got attacked Adrian Brody-style on stage, it was no fun. Although Forrest Whitaker cried, that was nice. I think the people who won, deserved it. Except for one chick. She's a producer who has run most of the big studios and is Tom Cruise's best friend. She got an honorary Oscar. And yet O'Toole is empty handed. And so was Orson Wells and so many other great artists never won and this chick gets an award. Yes, she's fabulous for being one of the few female heads of a studio, but, honestly, producers, what do they do? I am sure a lot, but still.


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