Monday, April 16, 2007

Keep Them In Your Thoughts

I remember Columbine. I was leaving school in the middle of the day to take lunch at home (I had 2 periods in a row off). And as I was walking out of the courtyard I saw this kid, Chris, walking up and he was crying. I figured it was something silly, like he didn't make it into a show or something and then I turned the TV on when I got home. And there is was and the Middle was the center of attention for about 5 weeks (which is funny, because far worse things happen half a world away and they get minute blurbs in

They talked about how it was wrong to put up crosses for the boys who did the shootings after they died; about how this could have been prevented if they had only kept closer eye on them; about how we should arm the teachers; about how this was a wake up call to all schools.

Songs were made up, licence plates were produced, stickers were distributed.

And all we learned was, no matter how many metal detectors or rules you install (no backpacks is a personal favorite), if you really wanted to, you can go anywhere and 33 people will soon lie on a slab in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Youngest is going to be a teacher, I am fearful.


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