Monday, June 25, 2007


Camping is very fun, no matter what my mother says.

I got all may gear in a pile by the door in preparation for loading it into my car the night before. I took the bike out (I haven't gone riding in 2 weeks, it can come out of the vehicle). Car was then loaded with all my gear (yes, I have gear, it is cool gear and I love it). I picked up some firewood and stamps on my way over to UNO's house (the exact same thing he bought that morning) [BTW, his new blog nickname is Mr. Amazing, I thought of it, I get the prize (which is a night with Mr. A) so whoohoo for me, yes, I was totally willing to pimp out my BF for my readers]. The stamps were for my Aunt Helen's birthday card.

I get to Mr. A's house early, about 10:30am, I was supposed to get there at 11, but the one store I went to had everything I needed instead of the anticipated multiple store trip. Anyway, we load up his car from my car, go and get another cooler and sort through the massive amount of food we are bringing. He had stuff, I had stuff, his stuff was better, we brought his stuff.

I called Daria to see when we should be there (noon) and we headed over after a quick trip to the gas station (which is where Mr A thinks his card number was stolen).

Mr A and Brian and Daria met for the first time (Daria is Mr A's best friend's ex, so he's only heard of her until now).

We get up there and set up camp and then relax for a bit. Then it's walk time. I want Mr. A to see the tepee someone built by the creek so we go for walk through the woods. It's a lot greener than last year and there are more trees and flowers, it's simply gorgeous.

And we're walking, walking, walking. Naked man to the right, fallen tree in the middle. A good walk, I fell in the river, as is tradition. But I was dry by the time we got back to camp.

Quick trip to town for mustard for our brats. The town is scary, populated by junked out cars and three legged dogs.

Dinner: Mr. A cooks for me. Two brats fall off the grill, he gives me the only one from that batch that survived and then cooks for himself. He's very unselfish. Great dinner, much beer is had, pine cones were collected for kindling and Daria apparently finds a femur (most likely from a deer, but it freaked her out). We learned that DEET is wonderful, OFF kinda sucks and really old mosquito coils only sorta work when you fling them into the fire, Frisbee style. S'Mores, more beer, games and then at around 10, Mr. A and I adjourn to our tent which is situated a great distance from our friends, on a shady grassy spot.

Last year, it was very cold, I had no buddy or dog to stave off the cold. This year I had Mr. A and THE GREATEST SLEEPING BAG EVER! I was instantly warmed up when Mr. A zipped me into it (it's a mummy bag, only big enough for one person and one must be zipped into by a sexy blond man, per the bag's instructions), it's cushiony and I want to have its children.

Had the best outdoor nights sleep of my life and woke up chipper in the morning (not sleep deprived, altitude sick, or hung over, I cut myself off at 2 beers and drank a lot of Propel). I changed and brushed my teeth and had breakfast with Mr A and relaxed a bit in the sunshine. Then we took down camp (and found the tent cover which we thought was lost, we had to resort to a tarp for extra shelter). I think I saw Brian naked and then we drove home and showered and dealt with banks and credit cards and went for sushi and played games and went to bed.

There are several lost hours in there, but those are for me and him , not for you.

Oh, and only 2 mosquito bites!


At 5:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. A just sounds like a nice restaurant. You might just have to spell out Mr Amazing every time.



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