Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's So True

Instead of exercising last night (I am getting lazy), I watched AFI's "100 Greatest Movies." And while I do not agree with most of their choices, Number One, as always and ever shall be (they produced a similar list 10 years ago, which really dates me, but it's good to see where you were and where you are going) was Citizen Kane. I love that movie, it is brilliant. I wrote a paper on it in my first film class (with scary Alena, the Film Guru, who I hear now teaches in Canada. She had an outfit that was the same color as her hair, steel gray). It was a scene deconstruction from one of the film's first scenes when Mrs. Kane is giving up Charles for god knows what reason.

I also have a huge crush on Orson Welles. A young Orson, not the old, fat one. It's the voice...


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