Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Car's Lament

Being the wonderfully supportive girlfriend that I am, I went to M.A.'s soccer game last night (purely selfish reasons, I like to see him sweat).

As soon as I got on the highway, however, the check engine light on my car (the first on I ever bought on my own) started blinking and the car started chugging like a frat boy. Not good, no, not good at all. I was freaking out. But I made it to the field and M.A. looked at it, pronounced it dirty (under the hood, it's a bit dusty) and drove it for a bit. He thinks it's electrical, sounds about right, but I know nothing about cars except they are a means to get from point A to point B and I love to watch them on movie screens.

She is only 4 years old, that's a baby in car world. Anyway, M.A. and I worked out a plan (in between him playing soccer beautifully, with all the running and passing and sweating....mmmm) to help me get around. He has a second car (yes, he's that good) and he is loaning it to me. I don't have to rely on parents or friends and I can still move on Saturday. He truly is amazing.

So I am driving an Acura until I can get my car fixed (I am fixing my mind on thoughts that the problem is minor and won't cost too much) by the family mechanic Cory. I trust him. We've given him 10 years worth of business and with this family, that's a lot.

He (M.A., not Cory) also bought me dinner and breakfast (we went to the store last night) and he called me this morning to make sure everything was good and that I got to work OK. He is so sweet.

Also my dad yelled at me (the one time a year he yells and it was at me, his golden child). He called this morning and apologized.


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