Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life Update Number 8034 (Random Number)

The Nugget is going to be massive. He was over 6 pounds a few weeks ago. At this point in Youngest’s pregnancy, the baby is simply gaining weight (½ to and ounce a day) and completing the formation of those last minute body parts (lungs, tear ducts, etc.). His daddy is tall, so is Youngest (taller than me anyway, which she has lorded over me since it happened 6-7 years ago). She was hoping for a small, early baby. Ain’t happenin’ sugar! Also, he has a name: Brennen. I don't know if that will be his legal name, these things change. But it took them 8 months to decide on that, who knows when he will get his middle name. But he will always be Nugget to me.

I was insanely angry at a company called Laser Printed Checks, Corp yesterday. I cancelled my order with them because we didn’t want to pay THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS in shipping costs. That’s a lot people. I found another company that we had used before and they only charge $17.00 in shipping.

I called LPCC when I received the checks I had cancelled. I wasn’t at my desk, if I had been, I would refused the delivery. I talked to about 4 people over two phone calls. In one, I was told to talk to their third party checkout service which was Google. I called Google and since they do not have live customer support (per a message at the number I dialed), I went to the website, found my checkout receipt and learned that I had emailed LPCC DIRECTLY and didn’t have to go to Google [LPCC claimed they never received my cancellation email (I had emailed since they close at 1pm)]. So they are full of shit, which really pissed me off, even thinking about it now, I am getting a little bit incensed. So I called them back and explained why I hadn’t cancelled over the phone (wouldn’t have helped, they were closed and they charged the card the same day as the order, which they claim they never did, pissing me off further). So they put me on hold to transfer me to someone else (BTW, I am talking to INDIA, and while I usually like Indian music, when you are mad, it just pisses you off) who proceeds to yell at me like it’s my fault that they close early and didn’t get my email. He is yelling, I am already frustrated so I hung up on him. Probably not the best choice, but it worked. I didn’t have to listen to him and I was able to collect my thoughts enough to email Google to see if they could help me. They maintain the checkout receipt so they know what’s up. I emailed the same message to LPCC too (with a few changes to make it look like it was for them).

And today I was rewarded for my superb emailing skills as Google is on the case to help me get my monies back.

What I would really like to do is somehow get a message to the world that LPCC is rude and unhelpful and just downright unprofessional.

This is the reason outsourcing is bad. Yeah, it’s cheaper for some companies, but the hassles that are involved completely diminish that fact. It’s just not worth it.

Mr. Amazing continues to be amazing. He took me to this great restaurant for dinner on Sunday and to The Simpson’s Movie, which was also great. I can’t afford to pay for anything right now (the move drained me) so he treated me to a lovely date. And he listened to me bitch about the whole check thing. He is too sweet.

Also, my room is done! I just need to get the shelving for the laundry room from my parents and the house is done.


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