Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fallibility of Man

All my life I have read articles, watched news stories, documentaries and known people who are Mormon (no polygamists that I know of). And in all that time, with all that evidence, I have learned that fundamentalist Mormons believe that a woman's role is to serve. Only. Not to be educated, be satisfied, barely be happy. She is there to serve he husband and his other wives. And I love that people are willing to believe all this prattle from the mouth of another human being. Humans are human. Prone to power trips and ego enlarging acts of stupidity. Come on, this is not the advice of someone who is all there. Course, neither is the person who is repeating it: "He told me that I had to learn to get her to love me to the point that she would obey me because she loved me."

This is why I reject religion.

Also, I don't trust any "religion" that was founded by a guy and his golden plates less than 200 years ago (I mean no disrespect of course. My first religion was founded by a carpenter, but not the musical kind).

Come on now.



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