Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There Once Was a Boy in Iraq

Hello Happy Readers:

Apparently, there is a war going on.

In case you didn't already know.

I am sure you know someone affected by it. Or you know someone who knows someone affected by the war. It's a very Six Degrees kind of conflict.

Anyway, there is a boy named David leading a unit in Iraq right now that I have known since we were 12. We were both gangly and had buck teeth. Our younger siblings were best friends.

Well, he went to a military college (he grew up to be very tall and not to gangly) and is now leading a band of soldiers out in the desert (and freaking out his mom with stories of having his vehicle shot at).

Please keep him, his troops and everyone over there in your thoughts and prayers... If only so he can come back and fulfill The Mom's dream of marrying me and giving her more grandchildren.

This is Iraq, it's a very big country full of turmoil and sand. Also, young men and women fighting very bravely.


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