Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Sweet Ass Life

Oh, so many things, dear sweet readers. First, Friday…

I went out for dinner and drinks with Roomie and BF and several others including Bo, the ex formerly known as Fidget. We were there with a friend of theirs who has just gotten back from teaching in Japan for 2 years. And since I would like to do that someday, I thought this a great opportunity to pick his brain (and alcohol was involved, so, all the more fun). But this being an outing with Roomie, there was also a guy for me to meet. He is very sweet and funny and we hit it off. The group also became that table that everyone hates. Loud, obnoxious, rude and crude. I was not drunk, but most of the table was so it got pretty loud and wild. So we adjourned to Karaoke. One of those real karaoke places, as real as you can find in the Middle, with rooms set up for each group.

We sang for a good long while, badly, as no one could carry a tune to save their blessed lives.

And home.

I kept getting messages from Bo, and I thought Roomie was texting me from BF’s phone, which I should have known better, because I have his number in my phone, under his name. I do not, however, have Bo’s anymore. Anyway, in my confused state, I texted to Bo/Roomie that I was interested in the aforementioned former teacher. To which he replied, “What!!” and a few other things that I will not mention because I don’t know who reads this anymore and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s friendships. But as he is not the boss of me, I ignored his words and told him to back off and go to sleep.

Saturday, I was supposed to go to the art museum for this Louvre exhibit with NAN, our fourth re-schedule. I texted him in the morning, since he hadn’t called me the night before to confirm like we talked about and I get this reply back: “Working on the car with my dad, will call you later.” An hour later, I am ready to go and still no call, so I get up and go alone, which I like to do anyway on my museum trips. I move fast through boring things and don’t like to talk. The exhibit is lovely, as is the rest of the museum, except the modern art, which you all know I hate. Also, my Impressionists were out on loan!

I was there for 3-4 hours, well worth it. Near the end of the day, I got this from NAN: “This is taking longer than expected, we will have to reschedule, I really want to see the exhibit.” I didn’t tell him I was going without him. Did he really expect me to waste a perfectly good museum day? An opening day? I wait for no man. I also haven’t called or texted him since then it’s too much hassle. Also, no apologies, which is just rude.

But…The Teacher was interested, as he asked BF for my number. Why the middle man, who knows. There is always a middle man with me and my group, I just don’t know why. Anyway…Sunday, I go for a hike with Gen and Wes, which I am late for. We have a good walk and come back to town for lunch. And The Teacher asks me out when we are waiting for our food. Doors and windows abound, people, abound. We went out on Tuesday. No lulls in the convo, there was laughing, talking about everything: travel, school, family, my odd fascination with comics. I do believe I can be quoted as saying, “my nephew is so cute, I just want to nibble on him.” All very good. He walked me to my car, we were serenaded by a bum and he kissed me (the Teacher, not the bum). We are going out again this weekend.

My office is moving tomorrow. I have been coordinating the whole shebang and I kind of want it to be over. Moving sucks especially office moves because it’s not just you that you have to move, it’s everyone and that is stressing. But it will be over soon. Not soon enough, mind you.

My bowling scores (bowling club on Sunday) are definitely improving. I scored over 100 this week. I am quite pleased.

I lost my copy of the first Harry Potter book (HP book club) so I had to get one from the library. I got my fourth library card in this state (5th if you count my university student ID) and got my book, from the children’s section. One, kids cannot read books that big, two, incredibly embarrassing. But, low, it was missing the last 100 pages so I had to buy it. Just as well, I don’t like to mark up books, but I needed to make notes.

I am slowly but surely corrupting Roomie. Aside from my frequent brownie making ventures, when I am stressed I eat and I got her to break down and eat real pepperoni. Monday was a bad day; the phones and internet were out all day and were wonky on Tuesday. That is incredibly stressful, as we are largely phone based here at the office. So I have 15 different people telling me in a steady stream to get the phones fixed. Several companies and several repair men later, still wonky. I am on my cell for all this. Bah! So that night I needed pizza. And since Roomie works for the Spawn of Satan, so did she. Her day was so bad that she needed proper processed meat. The pizza helped us both immensely.

Pizza, corruption, moves, dates, it’s been one hell of a week and it’s not even over.

I need a Valium.


At 3:00 PM , Blogger Merlicious said...

What!?!?! No mention of the LLS? Come on! That's how you find out if he's a right-wing homophobe ass-monkey! I like being your test subject...I'm a little hurt.
Sad Mer.

At 3:45 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Mentioned it, didn't care.

At 4:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom has valium... left over from boob job. XXXOOO Come and get it!

At 9:23 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Is my mama drug peddlin'?

At 12:09 PM , Blogger Mothership Wit said...

You didn't lose your first copy of Harry Potter, I have it! Do you need it back? I'll trade you for 'The Davinci Code'.

At 1:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should re-visit some of your bias on modern art. When you can, take a close look at work by Roy Lichtenstein. Great stuff!

At 2:29 PM , Blogger Merlicious said...

I'm with Betty Lou. Modern art sucks big monkeys.

At 2:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Modern Art = confused art

At 3:33 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

I like Lichtenstein. I just don't like the stuff at the DAM.

At 11:52 AM , Blogger chinchilla said...

Do they know we have 3 Lichtenstein's in our living room?
Thanks, commenters!

At 9:14 AM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Yes, I know.


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