Monday, May 26, 2008

Sliced, Diced and Burnt

I injured myself to save some bad art on Friday. Sliced my hand up pretty bad when the wind blew a piece over at a local art fair.

Saturday I climbed a local glacier. It's only 3/4 mile up, but it was snowy and snowing, so it took some time and effort. Plus I slipped and fell about 4 times going down, only once going up.

Then I went to the lesbian country bar. It was kinda dead, being a holiday weekend and all. Still fun though.

Sunday was a baseball game and movie with the LLS. We won and the movie was very fun. Indiana Jones. I hope they don't make the 5th planned one. But this being George Lucas and how he likes to beat a dead horse into the ground, they will. I got sunburned at the game.

Today, I bought a camera.

It was a very eventful weekend.


At 6:28 PM , Blogger Vesp said...

That sucks!!

That's cool!

That's hot!

That's a great movie!

That's neat!

Eventful indeed!


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