Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There Were Wolves

So, house sitting went as usual, very well. Puppies were lovely, bird was evil, standard.

One moonless night, however, I was walking the dogs one last time before beddy-bye and there were coyotes or wolves (I am going with wolves) on the golf course next to the house. They just looked at me and my tasty bits of puppy on their leashes. But Tiberius was leash-less. This freaked me out. He's not that fast, bulky yes. Can throw this weight around yes, but not fast. It took me a bit to get him to come in the house. I think he was just regarding these wolves. Scary night.

I had a dream about a cowboy who looked my my second editor in college. It was odd, considering I haven't thought about him in, oh, 4 years. Yeah, my college graduation anniversary is coming up. That's right, Cow College owes me fruit, flowers and appliances.


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