Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Observed Yesterday

In traffic, a man running on the median, holding a cell phone to his ear, finally hailing an ambulance. That ambulance then turned on its siren, crossed the median and the man runs back. I don't know where they were going, a truck blocked my way. Interesting, no?

In an office building downtown, a woman giving an infant Pepsi! Since I am pretty sure they do not make darkly colored formula (which, based on the age of this baby, it should have been drinking), is this not deplorable?

I am currently living the life of an unemployed person without the underlying stress of being an unemployed person. I have a job, I am just waiting to start (they have my drug test and my background information to comb through).

So, today, I have already talked to my hiring manager and I am thinking of walking for coffee (because I've been up since 3:30am) and seeing how long it takes me to get to work on foot as parking is god-awful downtown and costs an arm and a leg. So I am searching out alternate methods of transport. And going a bit more green couldn't do any harm, right?


At 10:12 AM , Blogger chinchilla said...

The bus in front of our house goes right down town too - could be a good option. Good luck! = )

At 4:07 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Thanks! I walked it in less than 40 too.

At 8:48 PM , Blogger Mothership Wit said...

You could drive near the parkway and park...the parkway shuttle leaves on the hour, :20, and :40 in the morning. Could be another option.


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