Monday, February 18, 2008

Unemployment Unabated

I saw my parents on Saturday, hoping to do my taxes. But, as I am a moron, I forgot that dear ol' Dad gave me back my tax stuff from last year and he didn't have a copy. I could have done them myself. Instead I hung out with them, doing projects with the moms. I want all the money I can get, so I am having an accountant do them. Thanks parents.

Mom also suggested that if I do not get a job this week, I should just apply for an easy service-y clerk kind of thing until something better comes along, to which I responded, "What about unemployment?" Why work and get money and mess with your very free interview schedule when you can not work and get money from unemployment?

Hey, I don't like it either, but what else and I supposed to do?

We shall see how this week goes. I have 2 phone interviews that I am vigorously preparing for (cross your fingers, I am very excited about one of them), typing up answers and doing research into the companies and such. I am also trying to get some temp stuff lined up. I hate just sitting at home applying for jobs all day. And that's another thing:

Monster and CareerBuilder are a joke. You can sit and apply and follow up all you like, no one calls you back. It's a false sense of hope is what it is and I don't like it. Neither does JoAnna who I shared this theory with on Friday.

We had lunch and coffee and went to a poetry slam on Friday. Very righteous. All very talented artists. Some better than others, but all talented. Then we roamed around the museum (it was at the art museum), which felt very naughty seeing as how it was night and none of us had ever been there at night. The art museum is a daytime kind of thing I guess.


At 9:50 PM , Blogger chinchilla said...

Sounds like a perfect unemployed friday.

Hey, that's what you pay unemployment insurance for. So don't feel bad about it at all. Just use the time wisely = )
and yes, those job sites are a joke. Hit up all your friends and acquaintences....


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