Friday, January 25, 2008


Youngest and Mom are most likely going into therapy (see previous post).

Off the subject of horribleness, I went to my first rodeo on Wednesday. You have not lived until you have seen grown men trying to hold onto a horse or bull while it is trying to kick it off (picture big tall man on gigantic horse or bull, these are multi-ton animals, people). They are like rag dolls up there.

And let me preface the next part with: I come from a family where we hold wiener dog races at family reunions.

Two Words: Mutton Bustin' Well, one and a half words really because "in' " does not make a whole word. Anyway...awesome! The winner was 5 and super cute, course they all got huge trophies from the real cowboys, they looked so proud.

When I have children, they will participate in this activity. I have always wanted sheep, now I have an excuse to get some.


At 6:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Max herd your future sheep? He does it with children quite well. MOM

PS...Therapy appt is wed.

At 10:29 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Glad you're getting a little help mom, I know this has been hard on you.


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