Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Holiday Drama

As per usual, there is drama in the BettyLou Who house this holiday.

The LLS is currently in Arizona, she was supposed to fly in last night but her flight was cancelled. She's freaked, mom is freaked, dad is in a mood, the dogs seem fine.

She is booked on a flight coming in tomorrow. She is very upset about missing 2 days with us, but she will get here by Christmas, which is an improvement over last year, so yea!!

The annual holiday party is tonight. Last night I finally found THE GIFT to give to TG (Traveling Grant, his new name). I was going to give it to him tonight at the party. But he couldn't find any meds that would keep him from losing a lung. I am OK with it, but I care more about his health than a party, so I will see him tomorrow.

We thought Youngest had to work Christmas Eve, but she doesn't so we get to have a Christmas morning after all.

Merry Christmas to all and to ll a good day.


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