Sunday, December 09, 2007

An Open Apology to My Dear Readers

I want to say I am sorry for the last post. I was extremely frustrated and hormonal. I am a little better now. Also, sorry for the excessive use of the F-word.


At 3:01 AM , Blogger Vesp said...

If ya can't vent in your own blog, then what's the point of having one?

At 11:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to think I did not teach you to ever use the F word so thanks for the apology. MOM You can always vent on your blog. That's a good thing.

At 1:16 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

No, I blame public school for that. I thought "shut up" was a curse word until I was 10 thanks to you.


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