Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday News

It is a beautiful day here in The Middle. I went for a walk this morning searching for coffee and trying to find a post office in the neighborhood. The post office I Googled is now a design studio so I had to drive to one. I did get to explore my neighborhood though and that was nice. The one bad thing about the walk was an anti-abortion van parked on the street.

Question: Has any one's mind ever been changed (especially on this such matter) by what they see on the side of a van parked in an arts district? Seriously. I know I just kinda quoted John Mayer, but it's a valid point and question.

I passed my background check and drug test so I have to call my new boss tomorrow (I know it will be Sunday but we are a 27/7 team) to discuss my new job (we are in salary negotiations, there was a mis-communique when I originally got the offer and the unconventional way in which I got it).

So that is my day, that and laundry.

OK, that's not quite right. At 3:30, LLS and LLSP invited me to the park to hear some music (which I mostly talked through, probably pissing both of them off) and falafel. Then Jo and I went to a charity fashion show where all of the clothes were made of recycled materials and all the stylists were students. It was pretty cool.


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