Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Semi Real World

There is a new season of the "Real World" starting soon. Yes, I know.

I wasn't allowed to watch the "Real World" when I was younger. We had cable periodically throughout my childhood, but I was still denied "MY MTV." Course, being that young, I really didn't care. I cared about the Disney Channel.

As I got older, I did start to care. I became obsessed with all things "Real World." I watched all the re-runs, all the specials. I loved it.

But only the socially conscious, employed seasons. Of the past twenty years, yes it's been on that long, maybe the fist four years were worthy of note and substance. These people had jobs, plans, futures. They thought about things other than where their next drink or piece of ass was going to come from. They weren't looking for their 15 minutes. They weren't arrested on camera or bitch slapping one another in the streets. There were conflicts, yes, but not to the scale and pettiness that they are now.

Now, I haven't watched the show in some years. I think the last time I tuned in was Miami. I watched the entire season on a trip to Utah to see Jeff Carlile, my freshman year boyfriend. Great kisser. Anyway...

They filmed this next season in Hollywood. Saving the commute I guess. Lord, save us all.


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