Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Sad Tale

So, so many things:

I am so very much in love with a fictional person (well not person, he's kind of dead) that I am just so sad for myself. His name is Edward and he lives in the Twilight universe (I want Stephenie Meyer to be my friend!). Anyway, 3 books out of 4 complete in 11 days, that is 1500+ pages people. Pity me, it's OK this time.

As you can see I am in love with someone who doesn't bloody exist and I have no life. Yep, my worst fear confirmed. Sad, single and completely delusional (actually, my worst fears are whales and incurable diseases, but I digress).

I got caught up in a surprisingly long funk earlier this month. I finally snapped out of it on Sunday-Monday. I have noticed that they are coming on more frequently and for longer durations. Could it be time to seek professional help? Super...sad, single, delusional and medicated. Awesome!

I need to get up and get out. New York or Seattle or something. I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin, something exciting needs to happen, I feel stagnate.


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