Thursday, June 18, 2009

20 Things You Should Know About BettyLou

1. I love clothes, but if I could, I would be naked all the time.
2. I hate socks. I have tiny feet and they never fit right.
3. If I could get paid to sleep, I would.
4. If you asked my grandma, I am Catholic.
5. My family has been described as "freakishly close." Which is OK, I'd rather be too close than not close at all.
6. Most of my friends are men. And now I don't wonder why I don't date.
7. I watch cartoons while I eat because I can ignore them.
8. The lights have to be on when I eat, I like to know what I am putting in my mouth.
9. I don't take kindly to stupid, I try to avoid it at all costs. One of many reasons why I don't watch reality TV.
10. When I imagine my life 10...15 years down the road, I see a house, a garden, a dog. No children, no husband. It's a nice dream. A quiet dream.
11. The reasons I do not feel the need to marry or procreate are varied and complicated. The simple answer is that I am incredibly selfish and like the fact that all my income is disposable.
12. I am a lover, not a wife.
13. I am an aunt, not a mommy.
14. I don't like children in any form. They are loud, obnoxious, an incredibly annoying (just stand in line at Toys R Us during the holidays. I am never doing that again). Weston, however, is the exception. He just makes the whole world seem better.
15. Country music rubs me the wrong way.
16. I have an uncanny knack for hearing things I shouldn't.
17. I am a terrible listener. I interrupt a lot.
18. I put my foot in my mouth more than anyone I know.
19. I can almost put my feet behind my head. That is as far as my special skills go.
20. In my head,I am pure awesomeness, in the real world, self doubt has a fairly strong foothold. But in my head, my awesomeness is palpable.

And the Bonus Round:
1. If I could live anywhere, the top choices would be: London (cost prohibitive), DC (cost prohibitive), San Francisco (cost prohibitive), Toronto, if only for the abundance of smoked meats and Denver.
2. I can say fuck you in 5 different languages.
3. I can bake, cook and clean, I just choose not to.


At 2:12 AM , Blogger Vesp said...

Vesp's responses:
#5 Not freakishly close at all. Quite healthily, as far as I can tell.

#6 What's that supposed to mean??

#8 *giggle*

#12 and #13 Nothing wrong with that!

#14 Children are totally fun in the right environment!

#17 Same here, it's a gift, and a curse.

#18 Watch me try to talk to a girl sometime. :-)

#20 Your awesomeness has never been in question.

Bonus #2 Teach me, oh wise one!


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