Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Came Early

So, X-mas came a little early for me and Jason. Since he will be in Phoenix for the actual holiday, we exchanged gifts and had dinner last night. He got me an Ipod. I have never owned one and it is very cool. I got him a book he had been eying.

I have to work all week, but thankfully, Christmas is on a Friday this year so I don't have to go back to work the day after as per usual.

In other news, JoAnna's movie, that I helped with this summer is complete and had it's first screening on Saturday. It was great and not just because I have a credit in the film. It was creative and beautiful and I have a credit in the film. After the premier, I went to another party at Kristin's house. I am lame and couldn't afford my own party, so I took solace in these two shindigs and had a great time.

Not much else, work is good, family is good, I have an Ipod now. So a little less lame.

Oh I pulled off an all department meeting and a holiday office party all on the same day. It was madness, madness I tell you.


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