Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yeah, I Know

I am watching the MTV Movie Awards, I know, and AFI just performed. The lead singer wears more makeup than a Las Vegas drag queen and he has 2 full sleeves (tattooed arms). But the makeup is incredibly off putting, intriguing, but off putting.

I did not have the most fantastic day. I had a moron moment and kept thinking it was the 3rd, not the 8th, so I didn't do a project I do EVERY FREAKING WEEK. But I got it done super fast, by deadline. I also got called into the bosses office this morning for doing my job, some people (the buyer's assistants) didn't like that I was superseding their supposed authority over our products. The bosses backed me up though and everything was resolved by day's end. My heart rate didn't return to normal until about 4:30pm.

So the apocalypse did happen on a small scale. I did get out of work at a reasonable hour. Six o'clock and then Best Non Boyfriend Boyfriend Matt bought me dinner.


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