Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You Can Go Ahead and Laugh

I went tanning yesterday and as I was wearing, shall we say minimal undergarments, my tush is a little pink. Go ahead and chuckle. It's funny.

I got a lot of ideas to write about today and I wrote them down and everything. They seem a little silly now, but I will give you a break down:

I ate the most amazing panini today, all cheesy and melty. It was heavenly.

I love warm tomatoes, whether they are warmed in the sun in a garden or heated in the oven, I love 'em.

I hate warm pickles. I love a cold one, but a warm one is gross. I take them off all burgers except the ones at Red Robin, they are kinda still cold there, especially on the Gardenburger.

My boss scares the bejeezus out of me. No matter the context of his speech, his tone stays the same and it's freaky. It feels like he's mad all the time. A mad boss makes me uneasy.

That's all, that was my day. It's sad when the highlight of your day is a sandwich, a walk (1 mile, I plan to increase the distance by .5 every other day, the treadmills in my complex's gym have fans built in, very nice) and a shower.


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