Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Official

I want to die. I was at work until 9:30 last night and came in at 7 this morning, I am so very tired. My chest wall has hurt since I stopped going to Physical Therapy and I just want to go home. On the bright side, I have no plans for the weekend so I will be spending it sleeping and watching movies, just as God intended. I do have to buy milk though, Rice Krispies are not a cereal you can eat dry. Corn Pops, on the other hand, are perfect. As are Cheerios and Froot Loops.

I was here so late that I had time to call both sisters and Matt. I wanted to wish K a happy birthday (21, I feel old) and see how B was doing (I haven't talk to her in a while, she was in a mood). Apparently both of them have been reading this here blog and I am "not so much dorky funny anymore as witty, actual funny." I am funny, so sayeth the sisters. It's an accomplishment considering I "didn't get cool until I went away to college." (Both quotes are from B)

That's love.


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