Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Mutt - a stupid or insignificant person : 2 : a mongrel dog : 3 : name for dogs of mixed breeding. That sounds really bad. I am a mutt, but I am not insignificant or a dog.

I happen to be a cultural mutt. My family can claim 6 countries of origin: England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Russia. There are probably more, but that research is still coming in. All my countries are known for alcohol and good food, sometimes both. Yup, I am a white European. Not too exciting, but I like it.

Mutts like me, dog and human alike are the greatest kinds of animals (humans are animals, mammals to be exact, don't get all uppity). We are loyal and happy. We love our families and are always appreciative of a cookie.

I have only ever had mutt dogs (a shepard/Australian sheep herding mix, chow/beagle or foxhound mix and a beagle/foxhound mix, we think). Who wants a snotty purebred? Not me, they have issues (it's the inbreeding, same problem with the royals). Mutt and pound puppies love you forever because deep down they know you saved them from the doggie equivalent of the chair.

While my family lines are not too exciting, you never hear people proclaiming the wonders of that exotic local known and Wattenburg, Germany, we did have the good sense to get out before the major European conflicts wiped us out. Now that is forethought.

And one of my uncles (an Sicilian one) was supposedly a loan shark. Mob ties, yeah!

Other than that, we are just a loving family. Crazy and odd and incredibly talkative, but a family nonetheless.


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