Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Tis a Joy"

That is what Davey Havok of AFI said about being in The Middle. And it is great to be back in The Middle, it's my home, I like it here. The show was great, they have so much energy, I really don't know how they jump and scream on stage, under the lights for hours at a time. It was super, the LLS enjoyed it as well. She didn't like how hot it was in the theatre, but what can you do? Nothing, just sweat and enjoy. One of the opening acts was pretty good too. Nightmare Revue. The other one was just angry white boys screaming into the mic, not fun.

Anyway, the trip was good. The Crush picked me up at the car rental place and tried to shake my hand...I am a girl, he is my friend (and crush), I don't shake hands. we hugged.

We drove to his house to retrieve a map we did not use, I met his pup, and touched The Pretty Car. It's a vintage Jag and I want it. Then we got car snacks and we were on our way. Do you know how good cheese in a can is. I have discovered this wondrous"food" once again. We had several adventures involving roadkill, strip clubs, BBQ sauce and police officers, but mostly we talked and laughed and had a good time together. I would have more pictures, but apparently I am camera retarded.

He even sat down and talked to my grandfather and had dinner with us. That's 9 people crowded around a table built for 4 eating KFC. It was a sight

Things I Learned on This Trip:

- Grandma likes to talk about sex.
- The LLS needs to take a pill and calm down. Also, she needs to stop saying "I love you" every (and I mean this literally) 3 seconds to her girlfriend on the phone, it's annoying and a little pathetic.
- K is more fun when on medication

I think my grandfather is going senile and is incredibly depressed. He doesn't care about his life anymore. He did not brush his teeth the entire time we were there, hardly bathed and flits around from one project to another, never finishing anything. It's sad when you are old enough to realize these things. He also talks constantly because (this is my theory) if he stops, the world will end.

They have this little rat dog that is the size of our dog's head, cute, but rat-ish. My cat is three times her size and twice her weight.

But I had a good time. We talked a lot and laughed. The sisters tried on ugly-ass wedding dresses at a local consignment shop. It was fun. The MO really is quite pretty. As you can see from the pic at the beginning. That's, and I kid you not, Knob Noster State Park, sounds dirty doesn't it? We stopped there to walk around a bit.

As an aside, yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my stroke. And as a present, I got a BRAND NEW DISHWASHER!!!! Yea, maybe my dishes will get clean now. I am so happy.


At 10:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog and oh so true about all you write. the whole family survived MO till next time ??!! Ha Ha it was all an evil plot to see how you liked MO. Now we must all move there and wear overalls and never shave any part of our bodies again.

At 10:07 AM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Funny mom. I refuse to be hairy.


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