Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's All in a Name and Other Musings

I don't like my blog's name. It could be way cooler. But I don't know how to change it without deleting and therefore destroying everything I've worked so hard for.


It doesn't feel like Thursday, more like a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Days have certain feelings and today doesn't feel right. The world is ending, maybe that's it.

So, the Fourth of July (one of the few holidays with it's date in it, very handy for the very forgetful) is coming up next week. Being from a military family, this has always been a big day for us. In the past, there were parades, concerts, fireworks shows on the beach...ah memories. No more. Since moving to The Middle, I am lucky to get a BBQ and a sparkler. I do love sparklers, so it's kind of ok. But I do miss watching fireworks shot from a boat in a bay while I sit on the beach or on a hill and just look at them.

The best show I ever saw was when we lived in DC and we ventured down to the Capitol to watch the show. Music (mostly annoying, bad and Christian), people (definitely annoying, heat frustrated and sweaty) and historical monuments (dedicated to tights wearing, wig sporting, very musical men. They were great men but extremely contradictory when looked at from a historical perspective, more on this later). It was very crowded, you can only imagine. And the temp was a little high that day, the humidity was leveling. Misting stations (PVC pipes and hoses constructed so you could walk under or through them and get "misted") were set up, do you think that helped? Hell no, only a sub Arctic breeze would have helped. IT WAS HOT.

But watching the fireworks pop over the Capitol and the Washington Monument was gorgeous, I have pictures that look like postcards. It was great.

I actually have plans for the holiday week (and I am totally bragging here, because it's rare):

Saturday: BBQ at Mom and Dad's. Appetizer must be brought.
Sunday: BBQ at Best Friend's house. Self must be brought, I will likely also bring food and/or alcohol.
Monday: I have to work, but I am hoping for a short day. Cross your fingers, jump three times and spin around twice. You never know, it could work.
Tuesday (Actual Holiday): Reservoir with co-workers and their dogs. Should be fun.
Wednesday: Back to work, kill me now.
Thursday: Nothing, maybe some work.
Friday: Luscious Lesbian Sister arrives into town
Saturday: Entire family flies (in a plane, the super powers haven't kicked in yet) to The MO. The Crush will drive me to the grandparent's house, which means no bitch seat for me and I get to avoid 2 hours of either fighting and/or driving games. All in all a win-win for moi.


At 7:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, no comment about meeting up with crush at car rental place? I'm sure he is feeling slighted.

At 4:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, first of all, it's THREE hours to the Grandparent's house, and second of all, why is this the first I've heard of this? I am actually looking forward to this. Hours with our fabulous parents and my laptop with a DVD playing on it. Sweet.... Yoy take it for granted because you see M and D all the time. I have to settle for twice a year in a rental car. Don't have uncomfortable car sex...that's all I'm saying. Just a few random words of advice from the LLS (Luscious Lesbian Sister).


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