Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So Sorry

Dear Readers, I am sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been tired, and while I know this is not a good excuse it will have to do.

Yesterday's notes:

No body tells me anything. On the off chance that someone actually calls me to announce something (I was the first B came out to) I find out during or after the fact. My mom was in Minnesota over the weekend, I didn't find out until she and my dad emailed me. Two of my departments are moving to another area of the company, didn't find out until today. A new buyer was chosen for kid's and socks (I work in footwear), didn't get told until I heard it in passing. Seriously, I would like to get these memos.

My fanbase has grown apparently. Do family members count? My mom got my aunt and presumably my uncle and cousins in Minnesota reading YeahSureRight. So we are up to, I think, 13 people.

My mom thinks I am pathetic. My last couple of posts were apparently so melancholy that I got 2 emails and a phone call. We talk all the time, but still, I think she was trying to see that I was still alive. I was sad, I am lonely, I will survive.

I bought a new lipstick, it's very fetching on me.

I am hurt by the lack of comments that no one is writing. I need comments, they feed my ego, and it's hungry.


At 6:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do we comment on. Can't say much till I actually see the lipstick on said fetching lips.

At 8:15 AM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

You know, you could say how much you like the site, how cool you think I am, weigh in on some of my comments. Be a productive blog reader and such.

The stick (it's more of a tubed gloss really) is called L'Oreal Colorjuice in Passion Fruit Squeeze #230.

At 2:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to know that more than 12 people read your hilarious blog. You have 2 fans other than your lovely and talented SF Sis who read it out here. Jen reads it religiously and I believe Beth, my supervisor, has glanced at it. They agree, you are as talented and charming as I am.

At 3:02 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Had to get a backward compliment in there didn't ya? And I said I had 13 fans. So now we are up to 15. My plan to take over the world is slowly coming becoming a reality. Mwahahahaha.


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