Saturday, June 10, 2006

I don't like this feeling

I am bored and restless. I haven't felt this way since after my stroke when I wasn't allowed to drive or work and all I could do was watch TV and read ( and most of the time I was too restless to do that). I don't like this feeling, it makes me feel useless.

I tried going to the art museum today, but they only have 2 floors open because of construction/remodeling. The first floor is an exhibit of the remodel, which is useless and not entertaining at all. The floor below is just the kids area. Why even stay open? What is so interesting about the remodel and construction? The new building is really ugly and does not flow with the original building. I like continuity and unification, there is none in the new building.

So I went down the road, thinking I could go to the Zoo or Natural History Museum, but I have been there a million times and nothing is new so that was out. I drove around for a while thinking I would see something interesting. Nothing.

I went to my favorite sandwich place and came home.

Something amazing needs to happen and SOON!


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