Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Petty Peeves

There are certain things in life that just drive you up a wall. These are our pet peeves: (noun) a frequent subject of complaint. People driving with their blinkers on for instance. Or baby talk between adults. Or mine (one of them at least), talking on the phone while in the bathroom. This act is fine if you are fixing your makeup or putting your hair up, but when you are actually using the facilities for their intended purpose, it is not only rude, but incredibly disgusting.

Like the dodo, courtesy and manners are dead. It all started with the advent of the cordless phone and progressed from there with the cell phone. Without that cord to anchor you to one local, you are free to roam and that leads to a whole mess of trouble.

If you need to use the bathroom while you are on the phone, excuse yourself, put the phone down (a difficult concept for some) and use the bathroom, wash your hands and come back to the conversation. Or tell them you will call them back. It's just that simple.

My sister uses the bathroom while she's on the phone with me and I hate it.

I just came back from the bathroom, in my office. Where a woman was talking on the phone, in the stall, while peeing! I can kind of understand if she were at home, but at work, I really don't think the call was that important.

My last college roommate Teri was never without her phone, took it everywhere. She was also a relatively accident prone girl who was even more of a slob than I was (I had lived in the dorms a while and she just never learned that clean = bigger looking shoebox). Anyway...she dropped her phone in the toilet in our dorm room. I hope to god it was a fresh bowl at that time because she fished it out. It didn't work after that, suffice to say.


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