Monday, June 26, 2006

Identity Crisis

My insane. Like most cats (yes, I am single and have a cat, you wanna fight about it?), she is f*ing nuts. Runs and stares at nothing most of the time or sleeps between my feet and wakes me up with a bite to the bun or a walk on my chest (she's fat and that hurts). But this weekend my fears were confirmed...she thinks she's a dog. She follows me around like a puppy (which is very sweet), she comes when I call her and this weekend I wore some shoes I hadn't worn in a while and I noticed a bite mark on the left one, near the pinky toe. Since I am not in the habit of eating my own footwear, I hate feet, and since my bite is way bigger than that which is in said shoe, I have to assume she did it

Also, if anyone knows anyone in the San Francisco area who would be willing to take care of my sister's cats (2) for a little while when her ex is doing some life re-arranging, please comment on the site and I will get you in contact with her. We are desperate.


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