Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good God, It's Tuesday Again

I was so tired last night I could hardly enjoy Eddie Izzard. The man’s a riot and I was too sleepy to enjoy his hilarity. Or maybe it wasn’t his best work. I like when he talks about history, this one was mainly about the Bible. Funny, but not as much as some of his work. He gets another chance later this week though.

Well, house sitting is officially over. It was over on Saturday, but, hey. I thought they were coming home on Sunday, but they all called me from Florida when they got off the boat and let me know they were talking about me to one of Mom’s oldest friend’s (who is the LLS’s namesake and whose daughter I grew up with and who just got married). Oh and that they would be back that night, late. I was going out anyway for the Most Sacred of Days so, no matter. I cleaned the house and fed the pups (once a day, so cruel, but you don’t get fat animals, like mine. I spoil her) and went on my merry way to Jo’s house and the bar. St. Patrick’s Day BBQ, a new tradition. It was cold. The BBQ didn’t last long before we went in the house. I had a Killian’s and 2 Guinness. And I won t-shirts at the bar. I love raffles.

Vieve came with and we kind of broke off from Jo and the rest and stayed at Meade Street listening to Celtic music and talking to some people we met on the deck. They were very nice. 2am I got to sleep. And stayed there until I had to get up, which was noon. Fatty was very happy to see me. Wouldn’t leave me alone really and hasn’t since. I think she thinks I am going to leave her again. She’s mildly co-dependant.


I was supposed to see a movie on Sunday, but my plans fell through. Then, Vieve and I went to lunch and mild shopping. I really want a pair of Gap Curvy jeans (cause I’m curvy and they fit really well, also they make me feel thin, because I am a much smaller size in that particular brand), but they are fifty dollars. You would be proud of me. I held off and bought a 4 dollar shirt and am going to save my money for the pants. She bought some khakis (also $50) which I also need to do because I wore my khakis to work yesterday and they are not flattering at all. I have hips. And the khakis that did look good are falling apart, I’ve worn them so much.


So I am seeing the movie tonight and saving money.

Also it is the Daddu’s birthday. He is old, let’s wish him a good one.

He just spent a week on a cruise ship and on several tropical islands, he’s not getting any fanfare from me.

Love you Daddy!


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