Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Beautiful Day in the Middle

Good morning to all near and far away. Lovely weekend. Lovely weather except for some rain (cold, non-summery rain, my least favorite kind). Took care of the dogs, they love me, I give them cookies and scratch them on the ears. Went out with Bachelor #4. We had a good time, talking, playing pool and noshing of diner breakfast. It's not whet you think. It was like 11:30pm. I'm not that slutty. He and I share a love for Farscape. We are going to go out again.

B#2 and I had a good time at the zoo. I am slightly sun burnt but I got to see elephants and walked several miles from which I am a bit muscle tired. Not sore, that would be pathetic, just tired. Thing is about B#2, I am the first person he's dated in a long-ass time so it can get a little awkward. But he is coming to my St Patrick's Day celebration, so we shall see. He's just so cute and sweet.

My commute into work this morning was less than 15 minutes. It's fantastic enough to make me want to move back to ParentTown. OK, maybe not.


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