Monday, March 05, 2007

I Kiss and Blog

OK, so there was no snow for the move, which went amazingly well, thank you. Jo did all the big furniture with a U-Haul the night before so all we had to do was the odds and ends. A few trips with 3 cars and we were done. Lunch was provided. It was a good day. I pulled something in my right calf.

Then I got 15 minutes worth of down time before I had to get ready for my date with Bachelor #2. We saw "Zodiac" which was very good, incredibly well acted and amazingly long and detailed. But still good. Then we went to a diner and talked. Let's see, the movie let out at 10, we talked til 2:30am. That's 4 and a half hours of talking. Plus a 3 hour movie. And then he kissed me. I felt tinglies. We are going out again this week or weekend. I like him.

Sunday was a coffee date with Phil. Perfectly nice guy. Kind of a dork but very nice. We only had an hour together but it felt longer. He is severely allergic to cats (carries meds in his wallet just in case). I am not going through that again so that's it then.


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