Thursday, April 05, 2007

Apparently...I'm Old

Yup, ancient and in need of "a nationally known vision specialist." At least that's what the flyer said. I also get hearing aid ads and I have a kid.

Why, you may ask is a 25 year old getting all this stuff? Because technically, I am retired. I worked for a school district, mine to be exact, when I was 15-17. And since I worked for the district, I had a retirement and pension fund.

When I went to college, I liquidated this fund so I could pay rent on my first apartment.

Since then I have been receiving these mailings and it sucks. I was also given the chance to join AARP.

I got one yesterday addressed to the "daughter of" Betty Lou.

Yeah, that feels good. My non-existent kid is getting more mail than I do.


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