Monday, April 23, 2007

Several Things

I went to meet Kristie for coffee on Sunday night [completely throwing off my eating schedule (I have to eat at certain times or I get sick and then I don't want to eat, which makes me sicker)], Anyway, as I was driving behind this incredibly slow person, I mean snails were passing us, couldn't pass because both lanes were going pretty slow. No traffic mind you, just slow. Here's the point: I saw a bird fall from the sky and partially splatter on the asphalt. It was incredibly disturbing.

How does this still get sanctioned in public schools? Oh yeah, it's the south and race relations are still tenuous at best down there. But still, seriously? This is 2007.

Kristie's wedding is coming up and so we met, as stated above, so I could give her the glorious present (programmable coffee maker) and to talk. We talked in that Starbucks for 3 hours. I got all the wedding details and was tentatively invited to the pre-wedding diner breakfast. I think I was only invited because I complained that she wasn't having a shower and I had already bought her a shower card. Anyway...I got all the wedding details and it all sounds like the most fun wedding ever.

I have been slowly losing my sense of smell over the last few weeks which either means the disease has spread to my brain and now I must be destroyed or it's allergies. You draw your own conclusions.

It's Administrative Professionals Day and being one, and apparently a good one, I was surprised by flowers and a card this morning. It made me smile and feel special.

Moulin Rouge! is skewing my sense of reality. It's the AMC movie of the month and while I do not think of it as an American Movie Classic, although it did revolutionize the concept of the movie musical and shake that genre from it's dusty grave, it's messin' me up man. It's on pretty much constantly so I have to watch it and now I have all these absurd notions running willynilly through my head. Romantic notions that involve Banker (B#10's new name) and silly little fantasies too. It's juvenile and beneath me.

Banker and I have talked on the phone an average of 4 times a week since our date and daily with emails. It's hard when he lives somewhat far away and we can only see each other on random weekends. But he is moving into town next month so hopefully that will change....See. High school girl thoughts. That movie has messed me up.


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