Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Know How He Felt

Editors Note: This is just one shallow view of the whole situation. It is not meant to diminish her pain or question why she did it, it's not my place (there's a jury for that).

Usually, being the righteous neo-feminist that I am, I side with the wife in spousicide cases. Because, oftentimes, the guys deserved to be shot in the back or bludgeoned with a tire iron. They are usually philandering, abusive, bullying assholes.

I have been following the Mary Winkler case since it broke last year and today, I gotta say, I know why he made her dress up in those outfits for sex:

Mary is sixteen different shades of ugly.

I will admit that sometimes when I am with someone in an intimate situation, I have to fantasize about someone else to get certain jobs done. OK, it was with one person, the last BF, Fidget. But I have never made them dress up and disguise themselves for this purpose.

But I can see why the late reverend had to. OY!

And, yes, your "ugly did come out."

PS - You don't bring a shotgun to talk: "Mary Winkler testified Wednesday that her husband had abused her physically and sexually, but she said the shotgun went off accidentally as she pointed it at him. She said she had just wanted to talk to him."


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