Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evil Brewing

The sky is gun metal grey, like it knows not to be sunny. It feels almost like we were due for another school shooting. Like there is this horrible schedule written in hell's version of Microsoft Outlook and the little reminder popped up. I can't wrap my head around it all. How could any one believe that going to a school and killing people is going to change/make better/alter anything. The guy was right in between LLS and Youngest, age-wise. And he killed people who were just stating their lives as real people. I know how much I grew in college and he took that away from them (most of them were just babies). And for that he deserves his place in an unyielding afterlife. One of torment and pain, all the pain that those 33 families are going through right now and will for the rest of their lives.

And please don't try to explain this with, "oh, he was just sick." It doesn't help especially if you are looking at it from ACROSS AN OCEAN! All of us are sick in our own way and we don't all go around locking people in rooms and opening fire.

We don't all snap.

We don't do this.

Why does this happen?


PS - We are not immune to this kind of thing as suggested by Mr. Gerard Butler of the London Times, and we do not breed this type of behavior or condone it.


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